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Site Tools is a one-hour weekly broadcast. It is presented as a live, interactive, web-based “TV”-style program which is designed to offer free technical support to anyone watching. As an interactive show, viewers can ask their questions live on the air, and receive an instant and thorough response from our technologist, Robbie Ferguson (creator and ironing executive of Category5), and occasionally special guests.

To really get a feel for the show, simply tune in. If you have technological questions to ask, you can do so during the live broadcast and Robbie will do his best to provide a thorough answer for you.

Category5 is provided free of charge to its viewers. There are no fees to receive answers to your questions or to watch the show. Long distance charges may apply if you phone in, but we do not charge for the service.

Use of some features of the Category5 web site does require you to register; however this registration is also 100% free, and is in place simply to protect our forums and other site content from spammers. Your personal information will never be used for solicitation, and will not be sold or shared with any third party (unless required by law).

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