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 =====Category5 TV Network Branding===== =====Category5 TV Network Branding=====
 +====Category5 TV Network====
 +===Wordmark,​ For Dark Background===
 ====Category5 Technology TV==== ====Category5 Technology TV====
-===Hacker, For Light Background, Vertical===+===Wordmark with Hacker, For Light Background, Vertical===
 {{:​category5_hacker_lightvert_.png?​400|}} {{:​category5_hacker_lightvert_.png?​400|}}
-===Hacker, For Light Background, Horizontal===+===Wordmark with Hacker, For Light Background, Horizontal===
 {{:​category5_hacker_lighthoriz_.png?​400|}} {{:​category5_hacker_lighthoriz_.png?​400|}}
-===Hacker, For Dark Background, Horizontal===+===Wordmark with Hacker, For Dark Background, Horizontal===
 {{:​category5_hacker_darkhoriz_.png?​400|}} {{:​category5_hacker_darkhoriz_.png?​400|}}
 +===Wordmark,​ For Dark Background===
 {{:​wordmark_dark_.png?​400|}} {{:​wordmark_dark_.png?​400|}}
 +===Wordmark,​ For Light Background===
 {{:​wordmark_light_.png?​400|}} {{:​wordmark_light_.png?​400|}}
 +====New Every Day====
 +====Immersive Nature Sounds====
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