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Welcome to the Category5 Wiki!

This is the official Wiki of the Category5 Technology TV community. Contributions are welcome and encouraged. Follow the Wiki Editing Guidelines please. Users must create an account and request editing permission in the <link to cat5 Forum> in order to edit.

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A lot of this Wiki is currently being re-formatted for the new Wiki Engine, please be patient during this process or help out by reconfiguring broken areas.

A Wiki is constantly under construction. For this reason things may not be completely polished, written properly, or formatted correctly, along with a ton of other things. We will try to monitor things that happen and fix what needs fixing, but it can be time consuming and therefore not always done immediately. If you see an issue please register for an account, if you haven't already, and fix it.

Our hope is that this will become a text-based extension of Category5 Technology TV, with a rich content of tutorials, tips, tricks, and general help.

Follow links listed at your own risk. We try to moderate and check every edit and link for correctness and safety, but sometimes it may not be caught.

Follow any guides on this Wiki at your own risk! Category5 and it's users are in no way responsible if something messes up.


System Maintenance and Recovery

This section currently points to the respective Wikipedia articles so you can learn more about the devices, later information will/should be added in order to explain how to maintain the different parts of a system.

Hard Disk Drives

Solid State Drives

RAM (Memory)


Video Card

Other System Maintenance

Scripting / Coding / Programming

What is

Category5.TV's story

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