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NEMS 1.3 Changelog

NEMS 1.3 is scheduled for release November 7, 2017.

This version of NEMS will further simplify configuration by moving many of the Linux terminal commands and configs to the NEMS UI. We’ll also see some minor adjustments to the performance and overall capabilities of NEMS. New configuration options will also be included to allow users to enable or disable various features such as RPi-Monitor or the Nagios API if not needed (reduce resource usage).

NEMS 1.3 Initial Release

As NEMS 1.3 is currently under development, this list will continue to grow as development continues.

  • User www-data added to nagios group. Now can manipulate configs.
  • Developed NEMS System Settings Tool (SST) - this allows configuring Nagios settings from the UI.
  • Set permissions of /etc/nagios3/resource.cfg to 660, allowing NEMS SST to edit it.
  • Change Webmin miniserv to use custom generated certs rather than the previous default cert, which would have been the same for every NEMS system prior to 1.3, sort of defeating the purpose of having SSL.
  • Add NEMS Version, Pi Release, NEMS Hardware ID and Network send/receive to RPi-Monitor. Remove Swap from RPi-Monitor (no longer used in NEMS).
  • Begin preparations for other SBCs: configuration now stored in /home/pi/nems.conf. This is not a user-editable file.
  • Linux kernel upgraded to 4.9.50-v7+.
  • Weekly benchmark log now located at /var/log/nems/benchmark.log
  • Improvements made to MOTD: Memory now listed in an easier-to-read way, Removed swap since we no longer use it on NEMS.
  • AVAHI configuration greatly improved: now NEMS should be able to resolve *.local addresses better than previous releases.
  • Can now browse to various parts of your NEMS server using Samba (eg., \\nems.local\backup)
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