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Installation Instructions

  1. Download the most current version of NEMS from the NEMS web site.
  2. Unzip and “Burn” the image to your Micro SD card.
  3. Boot your NEMS server.
  4. Login to NEMS console by either connecting a monitor and keyboard, or using ssh (Username: pi / Password: raspberry)
  5. Type: sudo nems-init
  6. After rebooting, reconnect and restore your backup.nems NEMS-Migrator file if you have one.
  7. Edit /etc/nagios3/resource.cfg and add your SMTP information.
  8. Login to NagVis and change the password (default is: admin/admin)
  9. Reboot your Pi and enjoy NEMS when it comes online.

Once you're all up and running, you can follow the Upgrade Instructions to gain access to all the latest features of NEMS.