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===NEMS Documentation=== This is the official documentation for Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server. NEMS is a sophisticated, ready-to-use network monitoring distro for single board computers (SBCs), designed specifically to run on the Raspberry Pi 3 and ODROID C2 micro computers. Official web site: ===Getting Started=== [[NEMS:What Is NEMS]] [[NEMS:Choosing Your Hardware]] [[Installation]] [[Initialization]] [[Initial System Settings]] ===Usage=== [[Adding a Host]] [[Adding a Service]] [[Monitoring and Reporting]] [[Configuring Email Notifications]] ===Changelogs=== [[NEMS 1.3]] [[NEMS 1.2]] [[NEMS 1.1]] [[NEMS 1.0]] ===Miscellaneous=== [[nems:stats|Anonymous Stat Collection]] ===How You Can Help=== Donate Buy Your SBC or NEMS Appliance Through Us

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