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When adding pages to scripts, use the Script namespace. So when you are making pagenames use


Then use this template to get started on importing your page.



Tell us about your script.

What does it do?

Why did you build it?

What language is it built in?

Known issues

Are there any known issues with the script?


Is there anything planned to be added?


Changes to the script over time. Typically in X.Y format, X being major/long-term releases and Y being minor updates.

The Code

Use this layout for your code.

<code language filename.ext>
This will format your code as such.  This is an example of plain text.  But normal scripts will have syntax highlighting for the langauge.  All code with a filename will also give a nice tab just above the code for easy download, without needing to highlight then copy and paste the code.  
Very simple, eh?
Oh, don't forget to leave out the 2 spaces before the <code> tags, otherwise it won't work.
     And syntax highlighting won't work within the actual editor for the wiki, highlighting only occurs on the rendered page.