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This is a walkthrough of how to make the current version of Ubuntu look like older versions.

1. Update your repository listings.

sudo apt-get update 

2. Install the gnome fallback mode.

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback 

3. Wait for install to finish…

4. Log out of the system

5. When logging in, under the user menu, select the Gnome Classic mode.

6. Login!

7. Install the old theme and configuration editor

sudo apt-get install human-theme gconf-editor

8. Open the gconf-editor - You may need to logout before doing the following steps.


9. Go to Apps > Metacity > General >

10. Find the theme and Set the value to Human

11. Find Button layout under the general options. set to menu:minimize,maximize,close

12. All done! Now go do your own configurations and make it yours.

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