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Many users today run graphical applications with the use of xorg/X11 and a window manager or desktop environment.

Using X11 forwarding, you can view a remote gui application on your localbox as if you were sitting at remotebox's display.

First, on remotebox, peruse the config file /etc/ssh/sshd_config Find the line beginning with


and make sure it reads X11Forwarding yes (You will have to be root if you need to edit that file.)

You may need to restart the server if you made changes; su -c /etc/init.d/ssh restart

Then, simply using the ssh command line switch -X, the remote application will display using your local X11 server.

For example, if you have amarok on your remotebox and want to manipulate it locally, issue;

ssh -X user@ipaddy amarok Very handy for a headless media box or something across the room and you're too lazy to get up.

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