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Installation within Ubuntu, and perhaps all Debian, based systems is very straightforward. For this example we will be using Zorin-OS. For a fully functional server emulation we will want a few things. First, the entire LAMP stack. L is taken care of simply by installing Linux. Apache, MySQL, and PHP can all be installed in one easy step. Beyond this we will also want to install phpMyAdmin. This is a tool for manipulating the mySQL databases from a browser, trust me, this is much easier than a command line.

So, lets get started by installing the stack.

Step One:

Open Terminal and Execute:

$sudo tasksel

This will open up an environment for installing different software packages.

Step Two:

In this environment you will use the arrow keys to navigate down until you find “ LAMP server ”. Once you find this option, highlight it and press the spacebar. To confirm it is selected you will see an asterick in the box to the left of the menu item. Once selected, press the Tab key to move to the “ OK ” button, once this is highlighted, press enter to execute the install.

During the install, you will be prompted for the mySQL's root user password. Once installation is completed, you will be sent back to the main terminal interface.

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