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This page is slightly out of date.  It has been marked for an update, but is still usable since the main update will be to the version numbering.

Have you ever wanted to install Appache web server on your own Ubuntu Box? It can be difficult and time confusing to add Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

But there is an easy way. It is called XAMPP (or LAMPP, on linux). XAMPP contains all three in one download and install. You can install it faster then it takes me to write this. ;-) Are ya' sold yet? Then let's get started!

Step One

Download [ XAMPP] at Apache Friends to your Desktop. A word of warning, if you want to try out Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) that Robbie uses, you will want to download the older version of [ XAMPP 1.71] because Joomla uses an older version of PHP.

Step Two

Now you will want to 'upload' that download to its new home in the /opt (Optinal Programs) file. To do that; Open the Terminal (it won't bite), and type (or copy and paste) in the following code cd Desktop This makes sure that you are in the correct directory to start off in. Now we need to 'unpack'(extract) and copy that file into the /opt file. To do that, we will use xvfz command because the XAMPP download is a tar (instead of a zip) file. tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.1.tar.gz -C /opt or if you are installing the latest XAMPP version, just replace that version number where the “1.7.1” is.

Step Three

That's it, you are done! Congratulations!! See it didn't hurt at all! But you may want to start XAMPP so you can use it ;-) /opt/lampp/lampp start That is the command to start XAMPP (remember that XAMPP use to be called LAMPP) and that is what you will find it as in your File System. To see the file, open a Nautilus window and at the the location bar, type in “/opt”. To actually see XAMPP in action, open up Firefox and type in; http://localhost/xampp/

You can use the XAMPP server for many different things, but it still won't clean your Windows. Get Bill Gates to do that since he is retired now and probably needs a few extra pennies.

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