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Downloading Whatpulse


Go to and download the setup script and binary for your linux arch.

Run setup script, then start the binary.

Making whatpulse launch at login

In this section we assume that you are using Ubuntu 12.04 and Whatpulse is still located in the Download directory for the runnning user. (For the time being, it will be updated to be more universal.)

First: Create a directy in your user folder called “ bin ”.

$mkdir ~/bin

Second: Move the binary to the ~/bin folder

$mv ~/Downloads/WhatPulse ~/bin/

Third: Add Whatpulse to startup. Go to the application launcher and search for “startup applications”. Once that program is opened, add a startup program. Name it “Whatpulse” (or whatever else you want.) then point it to ~/bin/WhatPulse . Once that is done, give it a comment like “Whatpulse Program”. Then accept the addition and close the startup applications window. From now on when you login, Whatpulse will be automagically started.