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Helpful Tools - This is a list of tools that will hopefully be helpful to someone building a website.

HTML Scripts

Corner Banner - Add a linked corner banner to your web site, easily.

Simple Image Rollover - Using two images for each button to create a very fast rollover with pre-load.

PHP Scripts

GNarly Mailman - A PHP mail processor that takes care of all the gnarly stuff.

Dynamic Copyright Footer - Never have to update your copyright date again; let PHP do it for you.

Share This Page Corner Banner - Take the Corner Banner HTML script and work it into a full “Share This Page” machine using PHP.

Compress/Expand Functions - Compress a string or array into a single encoded string which can easily be saved to a database and recalled.

Magic Session - Bypass browser cookie limitations by creating your own, and storing it in a mySQL database. Allows PHP data to be sent from domain to domain without ever exposing the contents of the data to inquisitive users.

Bad Mail - Block users from using a variety of services like Mailinator when submitting a form on your site.

Checkmark - “Checkmark” function to output a nice little checkmark on your pages.

Fix POST Quotes - Sometimes forms can get wonky if you submit content with quotes. Here's the world's easiest workaround.

Weather Conditions - Display the current weather conditions in Canada based on Environment Canada RSS feed.

Random Ballot Draw - We needed a visual way to draw names on the show, so I decided to whip out a quick little PHP/JS tool to do the job.

Web APIs

GeoIP - Filter users' ability to access your site by way of IP address resolution provided by the free GeoIP API.

Starting Development

You can learn how to start a local system for development by looking Here.